“I bought my tortoises from Chris at Turbo Tortoises because I was adamant I didn’t want to buy from a pet shop as those I did see in three shops seems very lethargic and the staff didn’t seem to know much about them. Ideally I wanted to speak to the person who reared and sold them.

One company actually offered to send me a tortoise in the post which horrified me and I cannot believe any one would risk such a thing so I researched a bit and finally found Turbo Tortoises. Chris was extremely patient as I was a complete novice (and he didn’t seem in the least bit surprised when I popped along to meet him, holding a list of about one hundred questions!) It is obvious he really cares about these little creatures and even today I know I can still call or email him anytime for advice and help and it is very reassuring to have this as back up.

I have never had any problems with either of my tortoises and Chris supplied all the correct CITES paperwork plus additional help sheets and advice on vitamins and supplements which I found very useful. I cannot recommend Chris and Turbo Tortoises enough and in my opinion, if you are considering having a tortoise as a pet then you have found the perfect place. Buying from Chris meant I could see for myself just how healthy they were, plus I had a chance to see fantastic animal husbandry first hand and got all the help and advice I needed.”

Catherine Cable (Robertsbridge East Sussex)

“Hi Chris, All is well with the babies. They have settled in and according to our weather we are in for a nice weekend so they can go outside in a pen for a couple of hours tomorrow. Please thank Catherine for the smoothness of the handover and arrangement times it all goes towards your good customer service of which I am very impressed. I would and will recommend you as your personal enthusiasm and thoughtfulness shows through.”

Debi Newman

“Hi Chris. I’m not sure if you remember everyone who buys from you, but we met you at Wooley Edge services in September. We bought 2 babies from you and we are really happy with them (Iris and Ivy). They are doing really well but we wanted to check with you that their weight gain is ok. Ivy has grown from 38g to 62g and Iris has gone from 38g to 82g.”


“What a great website! My sister-in-law, Sarah Wheatley from Barcombe, bought a couple Hermann’s tortoises from you a couple of year’s ago. We think it was the Testudo hermanni hermanni ones. We are looking to buy two ourselves for our youngest daughter as a Christmas present and wondered whether you had any in stock? Thanks in anticipation.”


“Chris Thanks for the prompt response it has been a pleasure dealing with you and no doubt I shall be in touch soon to take another 1 or maybe even 2 little 4 legged friends of your hands. (she is affectionately known as ERIC!) “


“Hi Chris. The girls are fine, eating a little not letting them out today or yesterday as the weather is very damp. Thank you for all your time on Friday, we learnt so much and mum was over the moon, not stopped telling everyone since. We have stopped the shop brought hard food and thrown that out, Brian ate his first tomato yesterday lol.”


“So sorry for the delay getting back to you Chris, we’ve got a bit carried away with our new arrivals. Both tortoises have arrived safely and have settled in well, both eating and drinking. Cannot thank you enough, two beautiful healthy tortoises, we’re delighted!”


“Hi Chris. Nigel here from Woking. I purchased a young Spur thigh from you a couple of years back. Pleased to say she is still looking good! As you may remember I do reptile visits to schools and community groups etc. I see you have some of this years babies for sale (babies have the Ah factor with the children. May be interested in purchasing one again.”


“Hi Chris, Just a quick message to say thanks for Saturday – The ‘new’ tortoises have settled into their new accommodation very well. No indication of stress and they both ate when we got home.”


“Hi Chris. Thank you for the advice over the phone with regards to hibernating my tortoise. I just want to get it right as I know doing this incorrect can be fatal. We’ve had Blanche since she was 5 months old.(Jan 07 ) My boyfriend and I collected her from your farm. Best decision we ever made.”


“Hi Chris, just an update to let you know that the 2 tortoises are doing very well indeed and settled in quickly. They are in a good regular routine and feeding well on kale, rocket and spring greens , with the occasional bit of tomato and melon which they love. We have named them Thelma and Louise (or Big Lou as she is the biggest!) They are not as timid as they first were and at the sight of a hand near the table they leg it over presuming they are to be fed so we have to watch our fingers! At this moment they are literally racing round and round making tracks in the peat!”

Catherine Thomas

“Hi Chris. We bought a Hermmann tortoise from you about eight years ago and she (we think) is doing very well. She is just waking up after the winter.”

Daryl Stutchbury

“Hi Chris

Yes the hatchling is thriving many thanks – it is called Lucky and loves dandelions and went mad for hibiscus flowers!”

Jo Goring

“Hi Chris, Yes they’re fine thank you, we put some bits a pieces in their table for enrichment but the adventurous little things kept climbing on them the falling off and landing on their backs! So we’ve taken everything away again! Just a bowl and food for them now!”

Tiffany Thompson

“Hi Chris, Great stuff thank you, Tortoises are all doing great. Will be in touch next year for more babies
Jan x”

Jan Turner

“Thanks very much Chris. The tortoise is doing very well – he/she is really lovely and my granddaughter absolutely loves it! Thanks again.”

Charlotte Bonner

“Hi Chris,Thank you for them,They are doing so well loving there house!
Thank you x Claire”

Claire Vousden

“Little Leo is doing really well. We weighed him/she a couple of weeks ago and he/she was 28g on the 19/9/20.Gained 4g since the 22/8/20.I,m hoping slow and steady is correct. Myself and the wife spend more time looking at weeds when were walking the dog these days and have a good supply in the fridge. We have left the weeds to grow in the front garden for a winter ladder. Many thanks again Regards Phil”

Philip Plumbsden

“Hello Chris,
Thank you very much. The tortoise is doing really well. It’s loving the new space and eating very well.”

Megan R